The current education model is a mess and completely wrong.

Education should not be about learning abstract concepts in hopes of maybe helping you with a future career.

Education should be a life-long enjoyable process integrated with all other parts of life.

It should not revolve around schools.


Now, children should come to a common place to live at daytime, but that place should be integrated with the community. Let’s call it a “center.” The center should be near dentists and doctors, libraries and post offices, bakeries and science labs. Schools do not need to be on an island.

And children should not be stuck in a room with 30 kids all day. They should have the freedom to explore the world. Centers should be massive buildings, the size of malls, where students can explore hundreds of different learning environments. Math, science, reading, writing, social, studies, and more are actually lived and not memorized. Students can transverse the environments as their needs require, spending 3 hours on a project, or as little as a few minutes on an activity. If they need to run, then run. To sleep, then sleep. When restrictions are removed, amazing things are possible.

Anarchy? The opposite, I argue. These easiest way to control children is to have less rules. Then you can focus on enforcing the ones you actually want to. The educational ones. Specialists are in charge of learning environments. They get to know the students working in their areas. Grade teachers are in charge of tracking a group of children and making sure they are learning in all domains. They can also do pull outs of their students for large group, small group, and 1-1 learning.

This model allows for adaptation beyond belief. We should leverage the benefits of combining groups of students together. But instead of throwing walls between them, we should combine them.

All the attention put into organizing classrooms and making sure kids are paying attention can be transformed into teaching kids who want to learn.

And the kids who are not self-starters? Do you think, unrestricted, they will play kickball all day? Perhaps. But kids love to learn. More likely, they will find a learning environment that meets their needs.

No more, “I can’t read.” “I give up.” No one is forcing a child to read because that is what the class is doing. Now, a child will want to read because it is fun to read about what you are interested in. Less walls. More interests. Leverage schools to become centers of learning where anything is possible.

Indeed, incentive businesses to locate into schools where kids can see how the knowledge really is used. Why not put schools in malls? Learning in the middle and throughout, and lots of space for businesses. Better yet, find a way to integrate schools with the environment so they can be inside and outside.


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